Appearance Request

Requesting Miss ARAB USA for an appearance at your upcoming event will put a spotlight on your event, allowing you to gain media exposure and public relations benefits. This appearance will promote and bring your event in front of MILLIONS of people nationwide, and BILLIONS worldwide. Official Facebook records demonstrate that Miss Arab USA is reaching over 186 MILLION people per week, which is more than 9.7 BILLION per year.

Miss Arab USA is available for appearances and public speaking, such as, but not limited to: Charity Events, Speaking Engagements, Community Events, Civic Meetings, Awards Presentations, Fundraisers, Festivals, Student events, and more.

Based on the nature of your request, an appearance fee will be determined or waived. In most cases, appearance fees are waived for Charity, Community, and Student events. You must provide two flights, car service, hotel lodging, and incidental expenses.

If you have any questions before submitting this form, please Contact US.